RM 2 • Emotional Intelligence: Why it Matters, and How to Grow Yours (Repeat)

Each one of us is a unique creation. We all have different thoughts, feelings, desires, and goals. However, we also have many of the same patterns – including our habitual emotional patterns. We tend to operate in a reactive mode, merely interpreting incoming information and events, relating them to our previous experiences, and then responding without really being aware of why or how we’re doing it. As leaders, we need to take conscious control of our emotions if we are to respond effectively to the situations and challenges we face.

In “Emotional Intelligence: Why it Matters, and How to Grow Yours,” Kevin investigates the latest research on emotional intelligence and offers methods for incorporating techniques that will help leaders at all levels to become more aware of their own emotional patterns, and to create more resourceful and effective responses to the challenges of their environment.

Participants will be introduced to the processes that drive their emotions – mostly on an unconscious level – and they’ll learn some new tools and strategies to begin to take more control of their “inner world” and respond more effectively even in situations that might otherwise cause anxiety, frustration, anger, or fear. They’ll learn proven strategies for managing their own emotions, and those of the people they work with. These skills are essential to success, and account for 85-90% of the difference between outstanding leaders and their more average peers.