RM 1 • The Product Owners Universe

Most of agile discussion revolves around building the thing right – but what about building the right thing? Product Owners are vital to a great agile team. They cast a vision, set a direction, and bring clarity as the facilitator of the agile “Value Team.” We look to them for answers, but how do they have those answers? How do they take all the information from all the “noisy people” stakeholders and create a single prioritized backlog? Through the relationships they build!

In this workshop, we will explore Product Owners in their own universe:

• Addressing the “why” first, then diving into the “what” and the “how.”
• Who do they relate to and at what level.
• What do they need from others, and what do others need from them.
• What gravity pulls them, and those around them.
• What are the traits of effective Product Owners and Agile Value Teams.

In this session you will be moving around, meeting your fellow attenders, and looking at this from different perspectives. The session attendees will also relate thoughts and experiences to create a holistic picture of the product owner’s universe.

This session is for everyone who wants to explore the Product Owner role.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Key relationships for product owners
2. Expectations for and from product owners
3. How to have empathy for the other roles in an agile project
4. A new way for coaching product owners in their role